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*~Nagayan Love~*

Nagayama Takashi Fan Community

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Nagayama Takashi Fan Community

~*Community Info*~

This community is a place for fans of Japanese actor, singer, songwriter and fashion designer Nagayama Takashi to share their love, stay up-to-date on the latest news, and meet other fans from around the world. <3

Membership is open, and posting is highly encouraged!

Please direct any questions about the community to analineblue.


1. No off topic posting - please keep posts related to Nagayan. <3

2. Friends lock all media posts, or requests for media of any kind. This includes pictures, scans, audio, mp3s, videos, etc., or requests for any of these.

3. Please be respectful. Debates are welcome, but they need to stay on friendly terms.

4. Do not post tests, memes, chain letters, or anything of that nature.

5. All adult material (18+) must be placed under an lj-cut, and also friends locked per Livejournal's Terms of Service.

6. Please us the proper Posting Format (see below) when posting fanwork.

7. Please use the community's growing list of tags whenever possible, in the interest of keeping things organized. If you have any questions, just let me know!

(Failure to comply with any of these listed rules may result in deletion of posts, and/or banning from the community, as a last resort. ^_~)

~*Posting Format*~

Please place this before you make your lj-cut.

Title: (optional)
Link: (optional)
Warnings/Rating: (worksafe/not worksafe, etc)
Pairing(s): (optional)
Notes: (optional)

~*Other Helpful Information*~

Want to sell something? Selling Nagayan-related goods is fine (and encouraged), but please either list just the community-related items in your post, or link to the appropriate items in your own LJ, if they’re part of a longer for-sale list.

Want to buy something? If you're interested in Nagayan DVDs, FC Goods, or a host of other related stuff, check out Goodbye Money to see what's available. Goodbye Money sells items at cost, and ships direct from Japan.

Want to write to Nagayan? DO IT. Here's the address:
Japanese: 〒153-0044 東京都目黒区大橋1-7-12 (株)芸映「永山たかし」 様 宛 JAPAN.
Romanization: Nagayama Takashi 〒153-0044 Tokyo-tou Meguro-ku Oohashi 1-7-12 JAPAN.
(Either one works fine.)

Want more information? Check out Nagayan's up-to-date bio here, the master media list here, the performance report list here, or the link list below.

Have a question, suggestion, complaint? Feel free to PM or email me. I'm always happy to help.

~*Useful Links*~

LJ Communities:

oh_tuti (*pnish*, Tuti, Nagayan, Isaka Tatsuya)
thats_my_line (TeniMyu rehearsal diaries, Souta, Naoya, Kimeru, some *pnish*)
say_it_again (Nagayan, Souta, Naoya, Kimeru (all old))

Nagayama Takashi's Blog (Japanese)
Nagayama Takashi’s Geiei Homepage (Japanese)
GAIN Website (Nagayan's clothing line) (Japanese)
Strawberry Meet - Official Japanese Fanclub (Japanese)
Official TeniMyu Site (Japanese)
Official BuriMyu Site (Japanese)
Strawberry Wine (Tenimyu/Burimyu/*pnish* Fanfiction Archive - English)

Any additional link suggestions are welcome!


This community is in no way affiliated personally with Nagayama Takashi, or recognized by his management.


Credit for the current layout goes to fencer_x